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April 24, 2011

Ten Common Methods of Password Protection

Currently, many PC user’s passwords was stolen due to a lack of network security awareness and a sense of self-protection, As a consequence, it result in economic losses caused by hackers stealing, and today I will discuss ten methods password protection measures, which can help you to improve network security awareness.

1. Using a complex password

it is highly effective for simple password to list numerous password, but if the network user has set a longer password and there is no obvious clue or evident features (such as special characters and numbers with some combination of letters), thus the process of listing numerous password is very difficult indeed. The cracker will also lose patience to break a long exhaustive password. Usually, It is believed that password length should be at least longer than six and preferably overpass eight, the secure password should contains letters, numbers and symbols, not using pure digital password or a combination of common English words, not using their names as passwords or the birthday, either.

2. Using the soft keyboard

In order deal with keystroke logging, there is a comparatively common way which is trying to input password through the soft keyboard. Soft keyboard, also known as virtual keyboard, when users enter a password, they open the soft keyboard before, then click the mouse to select an appropriate letter to input, so that they can avoid Trojan records keystrokes, In addition, it can further protect the password. As for users, they can also disrupt the input code sequence, thus intensify the difficulties to be invaded by hackers.

3. Using dynamic passwords (one-time password)

Dynamic Password, also known as a one-time password, refers to the user’s password changes constantly in accordance with the certain time or the number of dynamic, each password is only used once. Dynamic Password is very effective for preventing screenshots cracking. Even if screenshots crack the password, it just cracked one password. Next time when logon to it, you will not use the same password. However, considering the cost, most current dynamic password are original passwords card used for scratching paper, rather than real-time dynamic passwords. It is difficult to guarantee the safety. Real dynamic lock adopts a special hardware called dynamic hardware, built-in power supply, password generation chips and displays. In which the number keys is used to enter the user PIN code, the display is used to display a one-time password. Every time entering the correct PIN code, uses will get a one-time dynamic password currently. Because every time the password you used must be generated dynamic token, the user’s password is different each time, so hackers are difficult to calculate the dynamic password the next time there. But the real cost of dynamic code cards is 100$ to 200$, the high costs limited its large-scale use.

4. To prevent phishing

Methods to prevent phishing is: user should be alert not to log on unfamiliar site, do not open email from strangers, install anti-virus software and update virus and timely knowledge base and operating system patches. Use secure email system, such as Gmail because it usually automatically classified phishing messages as spam, IE7 and Fire Fox also have the features of anti-phishing, When you visit the  phishing Web site, it will Pop-up prompt message.

5. Use SSL to prevent Sniffer

The traditional network service program, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, and Telnet, etc., in essence, are unsafe, because they transmit over the network using clear text passwords and data, sniffer is very easy to intercept the passwords and data. To Sniffer, we can use session encryption scheme to encrypt all data transmitted, so that even if the Sniffer sniffed the data, it is difficult to decrypt the encrypted data reduction. Currently widely used is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which can transmit encrypted data packet easily and safety, when users enter password which should be used to support SSL protocol such as HTTPS, SFTP, SSH, rather than HTTP, FTP, POP, SMTP, TELNET and other agreements. Most Google services including Gmail support SSL, which can prevent the Sniffer to monitor, SSL security authentication can used to secure communications even in unsafe network.

6. Do not save your passwords in the local

It is not good to store password in the local. Most application software (such as some FTP, etc.) saves the password which is not designed safely. If there is not a good encryption strategy, it would allow hackers to crack the code to facilitate the convenient door.

7. Using the USB Key

USB Key is USB interface hardware. It is built-in smart card chip microcontroller, and has some storage space to store the user’s private key and digital certificate, using the built-in public key algorithm of USB Key to achieve the user identity authentication. As the user private key stored in the password lock, in theory it can not be read with any way, so it ensure the security of user authentication. As the high degree of USB Key security, and cost only tens of dollars, it is widely used in online banking USB Key digital certificate encryption. With the USB Key, even if attackers can’t complete remote control of the user’s computer, can not successfully login authentication transactions.

8. Personal password management
In order to maintain a strict password management concept, the implementation of periodic replacement of the password can be replaced once a month or quarterly. Never write your password on paper. Do not use easily guessed by others password.

9. Password grading

As to different network systems use different passwords and critical systems with more secure passwords, we should never use the same password for all systems. For those who occasionally log on the forum, setting a simple password is enough, for important information, e-mail, online banking and the like, it is necessary to set a complex password. Never take forums, e-mails and bank accounts as a password set.


Biometrics refers to the computer which uses inherent physical characteristics of human body or behavioral characteristics to carry personal identification. Common biological features include: fingerprints, palm prints, iris, voice, handwriting, face like so. Biometrics is a simple and reliable biological cryptography, biometrics technology is recognized by people themselves, because each person’s biological characteristics is different from others in the same period of time with uniqueness and stability, so it can not easily be forgery and counterfeiting. Y you can ensure maximum security of personal information. Human feature recognition technology currently on the market share of the highest fingerprint and hand-shaped machine, these two means of identification technology are currently most mature.

Windows Password Recovery Software is a professional windows password management software, it is effective and powerful for user whose windows password is cracked by hackers and can’t logon, Similar products on the market are mostly in the form of command prompt with entering commands to manipulate programs to reset the password. This is not practical for common users who are not familiar with commands. This program is a traditional program with GUI interfaces, allowing users use mouse pointers to click on buttons and control the process, friendly and easy indeed! What’s more, it provides a burner software program that you don’t have to use any other third-party burner software for an ISO image burning.

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