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How to Reinstall Microsoft Office 2013 with Key Code

We all know it is a much worse for us to use a software in the case that lost product key. Now this problem for me is how to reinstall Microsoft Office 2013 with product key code in efficient way. The guide that I have followed are below.

Top 1: How to fix Office 2013 installation error

Method 1: The C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform folder delete enough.
Method 2: The use of administrative privileges to open the CMD, enter the following command to open the “Software Protection Service”: net start sppsvc, and then re-run the office2013 installer.

Top 2: Uninstall the Office 2013

Step 1: Run –regedit– search all office 2013, office2010, office2007 registry keys, delete
Step 2: C disk search all office14, office2010, office2007-related files, folders, delete.
Step 3: The C: Program Data Microsoft Office Software Protection Platform folder deletion enough.

Finally, another installation package office2007 installation fails to solve the changes are rolled back!
Installation of office, it is best to uninstall the old office, and then use Google guards clean up garbage, and finally re-install process will solve the wrong problem office 2013!


Top 3: How to solve every time you open Office 2013 will be prompted to configure schedule

Office 2013 will be prompted to configure schedule (including Word, PPT, Excel and so on Office products have this phenomenon).
First display the “Setup is preparing the necessary documents,” every time you open.
Then display case “Configuring Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013” of. If restart over again open, or suggest configuration progress, how to deal with this problem then solve.

Option 1: Modify the registry startup configuration problem solving Office
Step 1: Ensure that your Office 2013 has been activated.
Step 2: Open the registry, type regedit in the Start menu search box and press Enter.

Step 4: To HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 15.0 \ Word \ Options, on the right to find NoRereg, right-modification. From 01 to the value, save and exit.
Step 5: If you do not find NoRereg registry, then create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value named NoRereg, then change the value data to 1.

Option 2: Run dialog box, enter the command to troubleshoot Office asked the startup configuration
Step 1: Press Win key + R key to bring up the Run box.
Step 2: Enter the following command in the Run dialog box, and then click OK to: reg add HKCU \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 15.0 \ Word \ Options / v NoReReg / t REG_DWORD / d 1. That’s all.

Top 4: How to reinstall Microsoft office 2013 with key code from using Product Key Recovery

product key
Product Key Recovery is a powerful tool to help us find many software programs like Microsoft Windows, Office, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Internet Explorer and so on. Just with one click, you can recover your product key in any case.

Step 1: Download Product Key Recovery, and follow the guide to install and launch product key recovery on your computer.
Step 2: Then just click “Get Key”, you can get Microsoft office 2013 product key in quickest way.
In just 2 simple steps, do you have mastered how to use this easy Product Key Recovery software?

In the end, hope that you have got how to reinstall Microsoft office 2013 with product key code in easy way.


This page is under construction. The forum and Wiki are still up!


How to recover unsaved excel file 2013

“Forgot to save excel file 2013, how to recover it?”This is a common question to a part of users. We see more as below to learn how to recover unsaved excel file 2013 in easy way.

How to restore unsaved Excel file

Excel document is not saved on exit how to restore it? Sometimes we edit Excel document, due to a power or an illegal operation and cause the document is not saved automatically withdrawn, when you open the document again, only to find the content but not friends, how this that restore? Here’s a look at the recovery unsaved Excel documents.

Step1: To recover unsaved Excel document, the first thing to do is to open Excel function automatically saves a document and save the document interval is set smaller, so you can maximize avoid the loss of the document content. Specific methods of operation: Click the “Office Button”, select “Excel Options” from the extended menu.
Step2: In the open “Excel Options” window, switch to the “Save” tab, check the “Save AutoRecover information interval time” item, and set the time interval, in this small series is set to “3 minutes”, we can according to the actual conditions to be set.


Step3: Setting “Auto Recovery Document Location”, we recommend using a custom location, so easy because of illegal operation or power failure timely to restore the file. Click “Browse” button to navigate to the custom position. Click “OK” to complete the setup.
Step4: Later, when editing a document, you must ensure that you save at least once, because the first time you save can be determined by the document name, so the recovery operation Excel documents a firm foundation.

Step5: Finally, we have to test it: Create a new Excel document, enter part of the contents, click “Save” or “Save As” to save the document. After the 5 steps, you can recover unsaved excel file 2013 in quickest way.

Office 2013 excel how to recover unsaved content

Today a table added some content, according to the usual habits point is not saved, and instantly regret it. Then start looking for a backup, did not find. But I firmly believe that software is definitely a record, but fortunately, finally found, did not spend a lot of time.
Step1: Open the workbook, click File, then find management version management version of the mouse on the displayed “Restore unsaved workbooks.” You can also directly click on the top “Today XX: XX when close without saving”, you can jump directly to the page was inadvertently turned off.
Step2: Click Restore, out of the box, and click OK.

How to recover unsaved excel file 2013 password

Smartkey Excel Password Recovery is a professional tool for excel password recovery. More details about its functions are below.

excel password-recovery
Step1: Download Smartkey Excel Password Recovery on your computer and then click “Excel password recovery”.
Step2: Then click browse to import the file that you want to recover the password. And on here you should choose a attack type to recover your password. Including Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask and Dictionary.
Step3: After attack, click recover and wait a minutes. You can recover unsaved excel file 2013 password in quickest way.

Whether you have learned how to recover unsaved content on 2013 excel correctly? Hoping that you have mastered this easy guide and learned how to recover unsaved excel file in 2013.

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3 Tips to Use Microsoft Office with Free

Microsoft Office can be regarded as the best tool for office workers. It has dominated the market of text documents, spreadsheets and slide shows for years. However, there’s one drawback and that is the price. So a lot of users wonder if there are any free ways to use Microsoft Office. Of course yes. Read this post and get to know the 3 ways to use Microsoft Office without paying it.

Office Professional Plus Trial – 60+ days

Microsoft offers a free 60-day trial of Office Professional Plus 2013. This free trial doesn’t require ant payment information. You can also use a hidden trick to extend your free trial period and gain more time. You have to extend your free trial period before it expires, however – if you let your free trial expire, you can’t extend it further.

The Office Professional Plus Trial gives you a download link and a product key you can enter.


Use Office Mobile

Office Mobile is the mobile version of Office Online. Original was available for Windows Phone, while the Android and iPhone versions of Office required an Office 365 subscription. Now you can get mobile apps for Office on iPhone, and Android phone. Office for iPad does require an Office 365 subscription to edit documents, however. The same core apps of Word, Excel and PowerPoint are represented, along with OneNote and OneDrive, which aren’t bound to Office, but complete the package.


Use Office Online

Microsoft’s Office service is completely free. It’s a web-based version of Office you can use in your web browser. It’s formerly known as Office Web Apps and now called Office suite. You can use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Plus, it works with documents store in your OneDrive (formerly SkyDriver) account, not with documents on your computer. Word Online and its siblings are more limited and can’t be used offline, but they should offer excellent compatibility with Office document formats. Office Online gives you a way to use Microsoft Office for free on any PC, Max, Linux system, or Chromebook.

Sum up, Office Online actually offers better real-time collaboration features than the desktop version of Office 2013 does.


Among these three options, you can choose either one to get the free Microsoft Office. Remember if you lost the access to password-protected documents in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PPT, etc), use Office Password Recovery to recover the password.

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Microsoft Office for iOS, Android not Available until Late 2014

Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook) has been used for a long time on desktop platforms. With the immense popularity of mobile devices that are powered by Android or iOS, more and more people expecting the release of the Office suite for iOS and Android.


Earlier rumors has that Microsoft is working on the Office for iOS and Android devices and will released its version for OS and Android in early 2013. Now the rumor is confirmed to be wrong since there is no sign of releasing on mobile platforms though Microsoft is reportedly working on Metro-style versions of the Office apps which will be released later this year.

Recently, according to ZDNet, Microsoft has delayed the launch of Office for mobile platforms and instead of debuting it in 2013 the company will release it to public in October 2014. It is said that Metro-style version of Office will be ready by October, 2013, and that the next version of Mac Office and an update to Office for Windows Phone will be ready in April 2014. That same month, Office RT is scheduled to be upgraded. Then, in the fall of 2014, Office for iOS and Android are slated to be released.

No reason has been offered for Microsoft’s delay for the release of Office for iOS and Android devices. And it is hard to believe that the delay ids because Microsoft’s talented team of developer wasn’t able to produce apps for iOS and Android devices.

Some reports said the reason for Microsoft‘s delay for the release of Office iOS and Android may be that it want to give its own desktop and tablet platforms an edge over its rival mobile platforms. Microsoft may think that Office is an essential piece of software for users. The delay will bring great possible market for its own mobile platforms.

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Word Password Recovery – How to Open Password Protect Word Document

remove word password Sometimes, we download word document from the Internet, the word document is password protect word document, if I met the situation that I need crack word password, how do I remove word password.

Method 1: Using VB.NET

The following code sample shows how to open password protected word using VB.NET
Dim objWord As Object
Dim strPassword as string = “PASSWORD”
objWord = CreateObject(“Word.Application”)
objWord.visible = False
objWord.application.WindowState = 2
objWord.application.DisplayAlerts = False
objWord.Documents.Open(PasswordDocument:=strPassword )
Catch ex As Exception
Msgbox (“Cannot open word document” ,vbExclamation , “Password Protected”)
End Try

Method 2: Get word password from the source

The following steps sample shows how to get the password from the source.
Step 1: Check with the word document source for the password.
Ask yourself where does the locked word document come from? Supposing it created by someone else, then ask the creator for the password. If your own are the word document source, you will need to locate the lost password.
Step 2: Verify the password with the source.
Make sure you have the right password on hand. Verify the password can save you time. The other reason to do so is that you never know they might have given you the wrong password in the first place.
Step 3: Enter the correct password.
Type in the correct password at the “Enter Password To Open File” dialog box. After you have entered the password, click the OK button.

Method 3: open password protect word document with word password recovery

The following steps tell you how to remove word password by word password remover
Step 1: Open the word document which you wish to password protected and encrypt.
Step 2: Click the “File” tab, then Click on the “Info” option. On the right menu click on the “Protect Document” button under “Permissions”, and then select the “Encrypt with Password” option.
Step 3: When the “Encrypt Document” dialog appears, set a password for your word document and then click “OK” button.
Step 4: After password protecting your word document, click “Save” or press Ctrl+S to save the document. Now your word document is password protected. You’ll see the following message “A password is required to open this document” under “Permissions”.

I try the above methods, the third method is the fastest to open password protect word document, besides, Word password recovery is the safest to crack word password.

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Office Password Recovery! Office Password Reset! Office Password Retrieve!

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a suite of several productivity applications.

Word is a word processor; it is a program that is used to compose, edit, and format text.

Excel is a spreadsheet; it is a program that is used to organize data into tables, perform computations on the data, and create charts or graphs from the data.

PowerPoint is a presentation utility; the presentation is arranged as a series of slides.

Publisher is an entry-level desktop publishing program. It provides fine grained control over page layout. Additionally, this document was created using Publisher.

And it is known to all, as a result of their powerful function, they are adopted by enterprises, educators, and governments around the world to streamline document exchange, increase productivity, and reduce reliance on paper, especially Word and Excel.

What is Word and Excel Password?

Due to their popularity in the whole world, the security and privacy are more and more concerned by the majority. Therefore there are different methods and two different passwords, “open password” and “edit password”. An Office document protected by password is restricted in printing, editing etc, even when it is decrypted by “open password” while it is allowed to be edited freely when it is decrypted by “edit password”.

With so flexible and complex the password maybe, the problem probably comes that the Office password maybe forgotten or remembered falsely. How do we recover the Office password or reset the Office password when we confront such a tragic situation?

Password Recovery Tools

Fortunately, as far as I know, there are methods, such as Brute Force Attack and Dictionary Attack can resolve the problem. However another question comes, with so much software can retrieve Office password, which one should be chosen? Well, according to my own experience, I recommend you Office Password Recovery 5.0 , an easy-to-use tool designed for removing passwords added to Office documents.


1. All versions of MS Excel and MS Word are supported (including Excel and Word from MS Office 2007) Updated!

2. Easily to get started, no professional knowledge is needed

3. Offers three attack types for you to choose: brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack.

4. Remove both the Password to Open and Password to Edit to view and edit the file

5. Support for simultaneous processing of several password recovery projects. Several attacks (using different attack profiles) can be conducted on one file simultaneously.

6. Program automatically saves password search state and can resume after a stop or a crash

7. Includes a Wizard for easy setup of password recovery attacks

8. Free updates during one year.

How to use?

Step1: Click “Open” to open the target Word or Excel file with the program.

Select your file in the Open File window, and click “Open“.

Step2: Select “Brute-force Attack (Trying All Possible Combinations)“.

Step3: Click “Start” button to initial the program.

Step4: The program is processing for the password. Sometime later, a message box pops up to you, displaying the expected password. Click “Remove All Passwords from the File” to remove all passwords (Password to Open and Password to Edit) from the file. Click “OK” to finish the process.


Office Password Recovery 5.0 can be downloaded on it official website. By the way, there is a tool there called Password Recovery Bundle which including not only Office Password recovery 5.0 but also other programs that can recover your windows password, office password as well as rar password.

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